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Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT ” A Night of Glorious Sanity”

The night began and ended with Sanity standing tall. Dain dominated The Bollywood Boyz to start the night, showcasing his strength and power with multiple clotheslines, powerbombs and overall destruction. Nikki Cross would get on the mic and talk about wanting to fight Asuka. Eric Young says Tye Dillinger needs to be a member or Sanity.

Later in the night, Dillinger avoids talking about Sanity and talks about his Royal Rumble moment. This prompts Sanity to attack The Perfect Ten, only to be saved by Roderick Strong and No Way Jose. A six- man tag team match is set up for later tonight.

Results below via WZ Live Coverage:

Before Sanity can get to the ring, Dillinger, Jose, and Strong attack them. Dillinger and Jose work over Wolfe. Wolfe grabs Jose’s beard. Jose grabs Wolfe beard. Jose arm drags Wolfe. Wolfe tags in Young, who gets back body dropped by Jose. Jose forced Young into the corner before tagging in Strong. Young backs Strong into his corner and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe eats a sick dropkick from Strong. Dillinger is back in. Dillinger attempts the 10 punches in the corner, but after a distraction from Young, Dillinger eats a big boot from Wolfe. Dain and Wolfe take turns beating down Dillinger.

Wolfe grabs Dillinger by the head, but Dillinger manages to pick up Wolfe and back suplex him. Dillinger tags in Strong, who clears the ring. Wolfe tags in Young, but he still eats a backbreaker for his trouble. Young hits the ring but gets kneed in the face. Dillinger hits the Tye Breaker on Wolfe, but Nikki Cross dives off the top and takes Dillinger out of the ring with a hurricanranna. Dain catches Strong with a running body block. Young covers Strong for the win.

I really enjoyed the hour being build around this stable, one that has so much potential at being great. From being possible tag team championship contenders to Eric Young a main event champion, their unique song and presentation is second to none in NXT. They have a grunge feel to them, one that warrants assaults and pure dominance. If they won a match and lost the other, there would be no point in two matches. They needed to show their destruction and this was a great way to start heading into Orlando.

As for Dillinger and Strong, we know that both men are not going to be completely harmed or bumped from their current spot on the roster with a loss built like this. If anything, it makes for an interesting angle on the faces trying to take down the dominant stable that can run wild on NXT. I, as a fan of Eric Young’s work, think this could be better than his dastardly heel persona in TNA, one that brought him a world championship before departing for WWE.

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