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Cody Rhodes Talks His Experience So Far on the Indy Scene Since Leaving WWE, the Difference Between an Indy and WWE Ring

“So far, everything has exceeded expectations by a great deal,” Rhodes said. “I was very confident in my exit, but then when you actually put pen to paper … artistically you can judge things, but from just a business standpoint, the number one thing for me is how many people are coming to these events, and every one we’ve done, literally every single one, we’ve had a record crowd for that independent brand, and that’s a huge honor.

“I kind of keep wondering when’s it all going to end. It’s been huge business, which I wasn’t expecting because I left WWE and kind of made it clear it wasn’t a money thing. This is a soul thing, but it’s nice to see it’s generating a lot of dollars for folks, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

On the difference between being in an indy ring and a WWE ring:

“When you’re in that ring in WWE, you’re in these large arenas and the crowd is blacked out and you’re under the big spotlight and you don’t have the opportunity to engage,” Rhodes said. “This is something that’s new to me in the sense that every show I meet half the audience in the meet-and-greet itself. That’s the most rewarding thing.

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