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Brock Lesnar Responds to Allegations of PED Use, Jokes About Arm Wrestling Vince McMahon, Talks Paul Heyman as His “Agent”, UFC 200 & More

Brock Lesnar participated in a media conference call this week to promote UFC 200, and you can listen to the entire call above via Submission Radio. Below are some highlights.

On recent PED allegations made by Lesnar’s UFC 200 opponent Mark Hunt, Lesnar responded by saying “What do you want me to say? I’m a white boy, and I’m jacked! Deal with it.”

On Paul Heyman being Lesnar’s agent, Lesnar distinguished Heyman as his agent on “fake television”, but said Heyman is not his agent in UFC. Lesnar was asked about Heyman calling him a once in a lifetime athlete, but Lesnar says he’s not on social media so he doesn’t follow anything like that.

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On recent reports that Brock Lesnar arm wrestled Vince McMahon to earn the right to fight at UFC 200, Lesnar joked, “oh yeah, it actually took me two arms to beat Vince McMahon, I had to beat him with two. Two versus one.”

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